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Thailand Accommodation: The Ultimate Guide for Budget Traveler


Aug 27, 2021 · 6 mins read

Thailand is an exotic hub of cultural and natural beauty. It has many gorgeous beaches, mesmerizing temples and rich historical sites will make you fall in love with the Thai experience.

And if you’ve decided you will plan the trip to thailand, knowing where you’ll stay is essential. The many options will definitely take some time digesting because of the different price ranges and facilities. However, this article is going to make the job easier for you by explaining all the important bits about Thailand Accommodations. Let’s get right into it!

Hostel in Thailand

Like most other countries, the concept of hostels is no mystery to Thailand. There are several youth hostels situated throughout the country where you can live with roommates and initiate some friendships. Moreover, non-affiliated hostels are another growing phenomenon in the country. These are modern and have better property conditions. In cities such as Bangkok, you can get yourself a room in one of these hostels, and get to meet more visitors like yourself!

Hostels may not be the best option if you’re travelling on a tight budget. Card-holders get small discounts only and it may turn out more expensive than you expect.

Although youth hostels are not as expensive, the more-modern ones can be a little more costly.

Hotels in Thailand: Budget Hotel

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Budget hotels, as the name suggests, offer accommodation at cheap prices. These are typically owned and run by Chinese-Thais. Budget hotels are 3-4 storeys tall and are found in most bigger Thai cities. The beds in each budget hotel room usually have the space for a couple, so you and your partner don’t have to worry about sleeping separately. These rooms are clean and tidy, and come with good ventilation and even air-conditioning. However, on-site restaurants are a rare sight.

Budget hotels in Thailand are usually preferred by business-related travellers, who aren’t in Thailand just for fun. However, if you can’t spend a lot on your trip to Thailand, budget hotels will be perfect as a room costs about $5-$20. In the peak season, we definitely recommend you to find hotels ahead, especially in the main cities in Thailand.

Hotels in Thailand: Middle Range Hotel

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Among the various tourist hotels located in Thailand, the middle-range ones are quite popular. Middle-range hotels are known for their cleanliness and excellent service, but above all their not-too-outrageous prices. They may not be affordable for all, but are certainly more expensive than bigger, more-luxurious hotels.

The amenities in middle-range hotels include air-conditioning, televisions, free wifi, swimming pool and sometimes even a nightclub. Like any other tourist hotel, you should probably reserve your room in advance, so there’s no last-minute change of plans! 3-4 star hotel with free breakfast and located near bus station or train stations is recommended. Middle-range hotels cost about &20-$60 per night.

Hotels in Thailand: Luxury Hotel

HUA HIN, THAILAND - JULY 02, 2021 Sea Suite room of Anantara Hua Hin Resort. It's among the most luxurious Hua Hin hotels, with the style of an ancient Thai village. @ kowitstockphoto / Adobe Stock

Luxury hotels are on the top of the hotel hierarchy, with truly extravagant services and facilities - that come with matching price tags. There’s a large number of luxury hotels in Thailand these days. They are either run by international hotel chains such as Marriott, Sheraton and Sofitel, or are smaller “boutique hotels”. Alongside these, there are some national chains like Dusit, Centara and Amari too, which uphold the brilliant standards of international luxury hotels.

While larger international and national luxury hotels have similar facilities to those you see at home, boutique hotels have sleek interiors and some fantastic facilities such as a spa, a plunge pool and even the infinity pool in front of the beach. These amenities make the time you spend in your hotel and not visiting a new place worth it, and who knows, you might end up spending more time in the hotel just for them!

Luxury hotels are for you if you’d like a piece of home right in Thailand. The services meet Western standards, but at half the prices, so why wouldn’t you want to benefit from that?

The prices for large luxury hotels start at $100 per night and increase from there. Many booking website usually offer the free cancellation for all booking. Boutique luxury hotels are more expensive and have starting prices of about $200.


thai pool villa @ Sheppart / Adobe Stock

Another major option for Thailand accomodation is the private villas. These grand buildings have all sorts of comforts from swimming pool to guest rooms and the private theater. It's stress free if you travel with a group of your friend because you can literally do everything here.

Villas are best for those that look for convenience and comfort, and have some money for it. The booking usually give you free cancellation reserve, free breakfast, private bathroom in each zone. Even if it's expensive, you should try to constantly find the best price. We found that there are always the huge discount which might be even cheaper than staying in the hotel.


house in the garden @ Pichaporn / Adobe Stock

Homestay is another interesting aspect of Thailand accommodation. Homestay generally means staying in the house of a local family when you visit a country. And if you haven’t done it ever before, there’s no need to worry, as homestay in Thailand might be the perfect start for you.

Staying with Thai locals is a whole different experience itself. You get to see Thailand as it really is for those who actually live there. The culture, the languages, the cuisine, it’s the whole package really and you should expect an experience of a lifetime. Plus, who else can better guide you about the places you need to see than someone who lives in the centre of them all?

And not just that, homestay is a major source of income for the locals as well. Especially in rural areas, there are families simply waiting to make your trip fulfilling and fun! And while yes, homestay might not be the luxury-filled break you’re looking for, the host families usually go out of their way to make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed.

Some of the best places for homestay include Lamai Homestay which is located in the Pet Ko village. This particular homestay shows life in Thai villages in its true form. The house has three guest bedrooms only, so the hosts’ entire attention is towards you. The building sits in a lush setting of mango and banana tree gardens. While there, you may also go see the rice-planting and silk-producing techniques of the locals there, or simply visit other locals with your host.

Other amazing options are the Phra Khanong homestay in Bangkok and Ban Muang Pon both of which offer some great experiences along with comfortable accommodation.

The prices per night for homestay can begin from as low as $4 and go up to $120. Also, do note that little English may be spoken in these homestays, but enough for you to get by.


Thailand, Activity, Adventure, Beauty, Below @ weera / Adobe Stock

It’s impossible to talk about Thailand accommodation without mentioning camping. It’s an exciting option for those that are a bit unconventional, and like spending their time next to nature instead of the crowded cities.

If you’re one of these people, consider yourself lucky because not only is camping very cheap in Thailand, but also very enjoyable. You can camp in a national park inside your $2 basic tent rental, or your $5 fully-equipped tent rental. However, camping is not an option in crowded towns and campsites have been limited to lesser-crowded beaches, islands and national parks.

Thailand’s camping experience is both unique and mesmerizing. It’s been gifted with never-ending scenery, and why shouldn’t you enjoy it?

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