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The Ultimate Guide to Windsor Nature Park 2022 - All Trails included


Jan 18, 2022 · 5 mins read

WindsorNature Park is a very popular nature park in Singapore. It is visited by people in high numbers. Both locals and tourists come here to explore various different trails here. It has trails starting from 3km long to more than 10km long. These range from a few hours to full-day hikes. You can get an authentic experience of hiking in Singapore at this place. Whether you are a couple up for a sweet adventure or having a family day-out, you will love this place. Windsor Nature Park is one of the lesser discovered hiking places in Singapore. Hence it is a very rewarding place. If you plan on going there, you will need to know certain things beforehand. Below are the details that will guide you through it.


Windsor Nature Park was opened on 22nd April 2017. It is an offbeat place. It is in the Upper Thomson area. It is quite picturesque with mini water streams and rich flora and fauna. There is a good deal to explore here. Unlike other crowded places, Windsor Nature Park is a more adventurous place. If you visit this place, your experience will not be comparable to that of anyone else.

Winsor Nature Park Map @ Benjamin Ho | Flickr

This area in Singapore acts as a green buffer zone. It lies between the gradual border of the urban cities of Singapore and the proper forested areas of Central Catchment Nature Reserve. It spans across 190acres of land and comprises some interesting hiking trails.

Alternative for MacRitchie national park

It lies beside the more known park, MacRitchie and is a more intriguing alternative. It has its own 150m elevated walkway. The major walking trails are three in number. You can pick anyone and go for that or cover all of them. You will find different types of rare birds here. Spot the trailer racket-tailed drongo bird.

racket-tailed drongo bird @ budak | Flickr

These birds are majestic and beautiful sights. Some mammals are unique to this place. For example, Sunda Pangolin is found here. It is an endangered mammal and rare to spot. You can also see the Raffles’ banded langur. It is an interesting type of monkey to see. Similarly, you will see other species which are a pleasure to witness.

Trails in Windsor Nature Park

Before heading to Windsor Nature Park, take a look at all the trails. You have the option to explore different ones. Each has a different distance, duration and experience. So check them out below. You could be on a solo adventure or a family trip, a biking trail or a running trail. Go for leisure stroll walks or intense paths. Each has a thrill of its own. So check out the details of the trails below.

1. Hanguana Trail

Hanguana Trail @ National Parks Board | nparks.gov.sg

Telangana Trail is 350m long. It is a beautiful short walk of around 15mins. The trail is made of a boardwalk. It is filled with vegetation and trees. There are many native varieties. There are hundreds of trees on the trail. In fact, the trail is actually named after a tree variety. The plant is called the Hanguana plants from where the name of the trail is derived. This is because the trail is adorned with Hanguana plants. The two types are Hanguana Rubinea and HanguanaNeglecta.

You will find beautiful streams along the trail, and you may find wild boars and lizards on the path. It is a short and sweet walk. If you are going with your family or alone, you should not miss this. The pathway is accessible by wheelchair also. So it is very accessible and pleasant to visit.

2. Squirrel Trail and Drongo Trail

Drongo Trail @ National Parks Board | nparks.gov.sg

The Squirrel Trail is around 2-2.5km long. It is an experience of an hour that will leave you refreshed. It is called the squirrel trail because you will find many squirrels on the trails. It passes through a freshwater swamp habitat. If you love nature, you will keep coming back here. You need to take the Venus loop to reach this. After the Hanguana Trail, you can set out here. Here the pathway is a bit different. It is a little more complicated than the Hanguana Trail. It is a combination of boardwalks and cobbled paths.

The Drongo Trail is also nearby. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Windsor Nature Park. It is 150m long and is a stunning walkway. You will be gliding through the midsection of the thick vegetation towering above. There are many monkeys that you will spot on the way. You will find more fauna on the carpet of the forest floor also. There will be lizards and insects on the path.

3. TreeTop Walk

TreeTop Walk @ travel oriented | Flickr

This is a trail to the Tree Top. The full trail is quite long and goes along for 7km. It cuts across different areas of the Nature Park. It may take you half a day for you to go from one end to the other. At least 3-4 hours will be required for this. It is a moderate to difficult level of hike. This is actually the longest trail of all the four. It is hence moderately adventurous. If you take this trail, you will get an overall view of everything. You will see an overview of the Windsor Nature Park. You will see many dragonflies on the way. It is a route quite rich in vegetation and living organisms. Take this walk if you are feeling like exploring this place well.

4. Venus Loop

Venus Loop @ Benjamin Ho | Flickr

The Venus Loop is an adventurous trail. It is rough without boardwalks. It gives a more raw feeling. If you are an explorer and adventurer by nature, do not skip the Venus Loop. It is about 1.5km long and will take you close to an hour to cover. It is a very scenic route. Click tons of photos and videos here. You can also do a vlog of this area. You can get out with your backpack and hike along. It is connected to the Venus Car Park at the end.

How to get to Windsor nature park

You can go to the Windsor Nature Park by bus or metro or personal transport. You can take a bus from either Lucky Plaza or Garden by the Bay or Ikea Singapore. It is a journey of around an hour. There are more bus stops that you can get up onto the bus from. You can also take a metro from these same places. Even the metro will take the same time as the bus. But the bus stop is closer to Windsor Nature Park. Above all this, you can also take your personal vehicle.

With these things in mind, get ready to explore Windsor Nature Park. Experience the best of hiking in Singapore here. Get in touch with nature and become refreshed to your core. Plan your trip very soon.

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