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Where to Find The Best Thai Food in Singapore


Sep 29, 2021 · 7 mins read

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you probably know how your tastebuds will keep wanting more of the predominantly spicy cuisine. Even when you’re already back in Singapore, you’ll crave the excellent balance of flavor of the sweet, salty, and sour, the pleasant aromas, and the intense color of Thai dishes. So whether you’re just longing for a hot bowl of tangy tom yum, an explosion of flavor in a pad thai, or a fiery serving of som tam salad, these restaurants are worth a visit. That’s why here at Roverista, we’ve gathered a list of restaurants on Where to Find the Best Thai Food in Singapore that offer only the best and authentic Thai food.


  1. Sawadee Cuisine
  2. Korat Thai Café
  3. Sabai Fine Thai Restaurant
  4. A-roy Thai
  5. Noodle Cafe – Thai Boat Noodle
  6. Jai Thai
  7. Tamarind Hill
  8. Nakhon Kitchen
  9. Diandin Leluk
  10. Joe’s Kitchen

1) Sawadee Cuisine

Sawadee Cuisine @ Sawadee Cuisine | sawadee-cuisine.com

Looking for Thai food in Singapore? Then head over to Sawadee Cuisine in the upscale location of Bugis. As you enter Sawadee Cuisine, you’ll see a traditional Sabai-inspired interior with classy Asian influences. The ceiling showcases elegant golden drapes that seem to imitate dreamy waves while the walls display traditional decorations. While listening to Thai jazz music in the background, savor these Thai cuisine highlights: Thai Mango Salad, Kurubota Pork Collar, Thai Coconut Chicken Soup, Sawadee Olive Fried Rice, Mao Shan Wang Sticky Rice, and Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings.

Address: 9 Tan Quee Lan St, Singapore 188098

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11 AM to 2:30 PM, 6 PM to 9:30 PM

Price: $$

Website: Sawadee Cuisine | Facebook | Instagram

2) Korat Thai Café

Moo Ma Nao @ Korat Thai Café | koratthaicafe.cococart.co

Located on the third level of Orchard Towers, Korat Thai Café is one of Singapore's best Thai food eateries. The simple interiors let their Thai food flavors shine through as evident from their avid customers and affordable prices. Ready to whet your appetite? Try their best Thai dishes such as Pineapple Fried Rice, Stir-Fried Cashew Nuts with Beef, Tom Yum Soup, Fluffy Prawn Omelette, and Stir-Fried Kangkong.

Address: 400 Orchard Rd, #03-28, Singapore 238875

Opening Hours: Tues-Sun, 12:25 PM to 10 PM

Price: $

Website: Facebook | Instagram

3) Sabai Fine Thai Restaurant

Sabai Fine Thai Restaurant @ Sabai Fine Thai Restaurant | sabaifinethai.com.sg

Dine in style at the Sabai Fine Thai Restaurant, where you’ll enjoy the overlooking view of the beautiful Marina Bay skyline. The restaurant exudes classic elegance with dark wood floors, black cushioned chairs, tables with draped white linen, Oriental decors, and ambient lighting. Alfresco dining is also available by the quay, where you get to see a panoramic view of Singapore’s concrete jungle while boats are passing by. You can also opt to treat your tastebuds to the beautiful world of the best Thai food in Singapore made only with the freshest ingredients. Enjoy delicious dishes such as Dtom Khaa Gai, Thai Omelette with Crab Meat/Prawns, and Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce.

Address: 70 Collyer Quay, #01-02 Customs House, Singapore 049323

Opening Hours: Tues-Sun, 11:30 AM to 9 PM

Price: $$

Website: Sabai Thai | Facebook | Instagram

4) A-roy Thai

Seafood Otah in coconut @ A-roy Thai | aroythai.com.sg

With over 20 years of being in the business, A-roy Thai sure knows how to create the best Thai food you’ll ever have in Singapore. Its dedication to authentic Thai cuisine has attracted many customers from local to international and even royalty. The restaurant’s traditional Thai setting with robust wooden interiors brings together families and friends to enjoy the best Thai offerings. Some dishes that stand out are the Green Beef Curry, Mango Sticky Rice, Grilled Seabass, Tom Yum Talay, Seafood Fried Rice, Chicken Panda, and Thai Yellow Curry.

Address: 205 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428904

Opening Hours: Tues-Sun, 11:30 AM to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Price: $$

Website: A-roy Thai | Facebook | Instagram

5) Noodle Cafe – Thai Boat Noodle

Thai noodle blood soup @ dontree | Adobe Stock

A portion of nice Thai food in Singapore is the Thai Boat Noodles. Thai boat noodles are a dish with intense flavors of meat with soy sauce and other spices. By tradition, they were sold by boat hawkers in Thailand’s floating markets. In Singapore, the best Thai restaurant to get the famous and mouthwatering Thai boat noodle is in Noodle Café – Thai Boat Noodle located at Golden Mile Complex. A reason why you should visit this well-known eatery is the affordable price for a bowl of noodles starting from S$1.90. You can also customize your order by choosing your own meat, noodle, soup, spiciness level, and toppings. A highlight of this restaurant is the Thai Duck Meat Boat Noodle.

Address: 96 Sims Ave, Singapore 387424

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 11 AM to 4 AM

Price: $

Website: Facebook | Instagram

6) Jai Thai

Family Set @ Jai Thai | jai-thai.com

Mr. Swang’s long history of the best traditional Thai dishes cooked in Thailand has led to his daughter opening the first outlet in Singapore. Jai Thai is born to continue Mr. Swang’s legacy, preserve his recipes, and cook them with the utmost “heart” in every dish. Known to be the "Most Value for Money Thai Restaurant in Singapore," Jai Thai serves authentic Thai food at affordable prices. The restaurant’s simple interiors let their flavorful dishes dominate, which is pretty straightforward as it’s always full of customers. You should try high-quality Thai food dishes: the Gai Pad Gra Pow, Tom Yum, Pandan Chicken, Mango Thai Salad, Pad Thai, Prawn Spring Rolls, and Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Chili Sauce.

Address: 27 Purvis St, #01-01 Ann Chuan Building, Singapore 188604

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 11:00 AM to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM, Fri-Sun 11 AM to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 9 PM

Price: $

Website: Jai Thai | Facebook | Instagram

7) Tamarind Hill

Tamarind Hill @ Tamarind Hill | tamarindrestaurants.com

A Thai restaurant in Singapore that should not be missed is located in a historic colonial bungalow. Tamarind Hill exudes timeless elegance with luxurious décor, black and white minimalist furnishings, ambient lighting, with a hint of classical appeal. This restaurant serves beautiful, delectable Thai and Burmese cuisines prepared using only the freshest ingredients. Their team of Thai chefs is one of the best who played a role in their treasured recipes of a broad collection of traditional and modern food creations. Delightful dishes to try here are Red Seafood Tom Yum, Mango Sticky Rice, Tamarind Hill Platter, Poached Tiger Prawns, Tom Kha Gai, Grilled Tenderloin with Foie Gras, and Tamarind Dessert Platter.

Address: 30 Labrador Villa Rd, Singapore 119189

Opening Hours: Lunch Mon-Sun 12 PM to 3 PM Afternoon Tea Daily 3 PM to 5 PM

Price: $$$

Website: Tamarind Hill | Facebook | Instagram

8) Nakhon Kitchen

Nakhon Kitchen @ Nakhon Kitchen | nakhonkitchen.com

In search of one of the top Thai food restaurant hotspots in Singapore? Nakhon Kitchen is here to prove that it serves only the most heavenly Thai dishes at reasonable prices where it had won the hearts of the locals. This casual Thai restaurant in Singapore only serves dishes meticulously prepared by Thai chefs and served by Thai staff. The restaurant is non-airconditioned and reveals a traditional eatery look and feel. Must-try dishes are Clear Tom Yum Soup, Pandan Chicken, Deep-Fried Pork with Garlic, Pad Thai, Olive Fried Rice, Stir-Fried Minced Prok with Basil, and Stir-Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts.

Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, #B2-23C VivoCity, Singapore 098585

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Price: $$

Website: Nakhon Kitchen | Facebook | Instagram

9) Diandin Leluk

Mango with sticky rice @ pivagoon | Adobe Stock

Are you after the best traditional and authentic Thai food in Singapore? Diandin Leluk might be the one you’ve been searching for! This Thai eatery is located in the Golden Mile Complex, known as Singapore’s Little Thailand. Founded in the ’80s, the owners started from humble beginnings with a vision to serve hearty and affordable Thai dishes that delight the tastebuds of Thai flavors. The top Thai foods you should try are the Catfish Salad, Luk Chup, Mango Sticky Rice, Tom Yum Seafood Soup, All-Time Favorite Chili Crab, and the Exclusive Chili Lobster.

Address: 5001 Beach Rd, #01-67/68/69 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 10 AM to 10 PM

Price: $$

Website: Diandin Leluk | Facebook | Instagram

10. Joe’s Kitchen

Joe’s Kitchen @ Joe’s Kitchen | joesthaikitchen.com

Helmed by Thai chef Joe, who worked previously for Parkway Thai Restaurant, Joe’s Kitchen serves the best Thai food in Singapore that’s carefully handcrafted. The restaurant showcases simplicity where their food becomes dominant in flavor. Local favorites are Prawn Cakes, Green Curry, Papaya Salad, Pineapple Fried Rice, Stuffed Chicken Wing, Pad Thai, Honey Chicken, and Clay Pot Crab with Vermicelli. With good services and authentic Thai dishes, all at low prices, Joe’s Kitchen has made a name of being one of the best Thai eateries in the city that’s a real value for money.

Address: 2 Kallang Ave, Singapore 339407

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 10 AM to 9 PM

Price: $$

Website: Joe’s Kitchen | Facebook | Instagram

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