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Marina Bay Sands in Singapore - Guide to Travel Like a Local


Oct 13, 2021 · 11 mins read

In the light of recent events, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the traveling industry to come to a standstill for the sake of containing the virus and prioritizing the health of people. For most of the year 2020, several countries kept their borders closed or restricted to immediate travel. People remained confined to their homes and most of the families chose to follow the protocol and canceled their summer vacation.

If you are tired of being confined to your home for the past year as well and want to unwind somewhere in South Asia, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is the place for you. This article is a guide to everything you need to know about Marina Bay Sands before you book the best vacation of your life.

What is Marina Bay Sands?

Luxe Suites @ Marina Bay Sands | marinabaysands.com

Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort sitting in the center of Marina Bay in Singapore. It is the new icon of Singapore where tourists from all over the globe come to experience the majestic blend of Asian and Western culture.

The building is supported by three skyscrapers, typical of Singapore, shining brightly amidst the bustling metropolitan. The history of Marina Bay Sands dates back to 2010 when it was first established.

The gigantic platform is built right across the water from the historic Fullerton hotel that is part of Singapore’s heritage. It overlooks the historic and elegant bay area of Singapore in all its glory.

Directly across from it, you can see the Esplanade Theatres that are a must-go for people who can appreciate art from all over the world. You can find everything here from the infamous Marina Bay Sands Casino to the humongous shopping mall laden with all the luxuries you can imagine.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is a perfect place to stay during your visit to this beautiful area. You can also indulge in an exquisite buffet at Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Club55 @ Marina Bay Sands | marinabaysands.com

For people who love art and music, there are a plethora of activities that you can indulge in. A state-of-the-art exhibition displays the talent of local artists, historians, and painters. You will find an Arts and Science Museum where you can truly observe and appreciate the heritage of Singapore. In this rich cultural site, you will be transported back to the past where these huge sky-touching buildings did not exist.

What you can check out in and around Marina Bay Sands?

The most crucial question to raise here after getting an idea of what Marina Bay Sands is and where it is located is what to do in Marina Bay Sands once you have decided to pack your bags for Singapore? Well, the answer is that there are tons to do for everyone! Whether you are a gambling addict or a shopaholic, you will find your spot in this happening area.

Enjoy The View at SkyPark Observation Deck

Marina Bay Hotel Skypark Skygarden Skybar at Singapore – Spaceship @ Tomas

Located 57 storeys up from the heart of the Marina Bay area, the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck is known for its magnificent view of the sparking Singapore cityscape from the rooftop. From here, you can truly see the beauty of Singapore as a bird’s eye view. The panoramic vistas of Marina Bay look heavenly from this height and the eye can see the entire landscape for miles and miles.

Contrary to popular belief, the view does not solely comprise of the glittery high-rise buildings or the sea of lights, but also the lush-green gardens by the bay that feel refreshing to the eyes.

You can also see the water stretching from Marina South Pier to the Singapore Strait which looks heavenly when the sun is going down or coming up. The ravishing Supertree Grove with its unique vertical gardens that resemble lowering trees, with large canopies can be seen clearly from this angle. At night, the dancing lights seem like a kaleidoscope of colors.

The Marina Bay Sands SkyPark is the perfect spot to single out Singapore’s iconic landmarks including the Esplanade Theatres with its majestic domes, and Singapore Flyer with its giant Ferris wheel.

If you look far ahead to the Singapore River, you can spot the shophouses stretched along the river bed, jumping out amidst the cityscape due to their bright orange hues. Merlion Statue spouting water from its mouth is another tourist attraction that you should look out for.

Watch The Marina Bay Light and Water Show

Laser show on marinabay sands , Singapore By martinhosmat083

If you have seen the light shows in Dubai or Las Vegas, you are going to lose your marbles once you view Singapore’s infamous Spectra.

Spectra is a night activity displaying lasers and light projections set to music against the city skyline displayed over the Event Plaza. The lavish show is a sight to behold once the blend of colorful lights and music starts playing together. The outdoor show lasts for approximately 15 minutes in the form of a four-part story.

The visually stunning show comprises advanced lasers that make use of appealing lava and mist effects to create a wonderful ambiance. You can also recognize the dancing fountain jets manipulated by talented artists who bring together colorful visual projections against the background of an appropriate, mesmerizing orchestral soundtrack.

You can see this show for free from the Marina Bay Sands or even take a boat ride to enhance the experience by being out on the sea. If you are standing at the unique ship-like rooftop of Marina Bay Sands, you can see the luminescent lights reflecting off of the water and it makes the whole city look even brighter if possible.

Connect With Nature at Garden by the Bay

The Supertree at Gardens by the Bay and marina bay sand @ martinhosmat083

Once you are in Marina Bay Sands, it is an obligation for you to visit one of Singapore’s top tourist sites. Garden by the Bay is an indoor forest comprising a whopping 35-meter-tall Supertrees that make the spectators seem like small specs in the universe.

There are two attractions of this forest; the avatar-like supertrees and the gigantic dome. This dome won Guinness World Record in 2015 for being the world’s largest greenhouse. You can travel here by foot from the Marine Bay Sands.

Here you will find the forest comprising of different areas. The Cloud Forest harbors the world’s largest indoor waterfalls and an indoor mountain laden with lush-green exotic plants from all over the globe. The unique aerial walkways will rejuvenate your spirit and set you on a path to self-discovery.

The Supertree Observatory you could see from the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands can be seen up close here as the futuristic trees loom ahead of you. Floral fantasy offers an escape to a whirlwind of diverse, eye-catching arrangements of flowers that will transport you in a magical land of a beautiful garden landscape.

Explore Singapore in the Singapore Flyer

Singapore flyer, ferris wheel @ Igor Luschay

The 165-meter tall Ferris wheel of the Singapore flyer is appropriately named due to its accessibility to the entirety of Singapore. This observation wheel offers a 360-degree view of the cityscape from its airconditioned capsules which can accommodate up to 28 passengers each.

On clear days, the panorama can expand as far as to include the exquisite landscape of Malaysia and Indonesia. From here, you can truly explore the city from a bird’s eye view to marvel at the spectacular scenery 42 stories down.

The sites you can observe from here include the magnificent Marina Bay, the sparkling Singapore River, Raffles Place, Merlion Park, Empress Place, and the Padang.

At sunset, you can experience a magical phenomenon when the golden light of the setting sun falls on the skyscrapers. After the sun has set, the city is enlightened with the twinkling lights of the sky-high buildings. You can also dine in here or drink cocktails to liven up the experience.

Click a Picture At The Merlion

SINGAPORE-November 26, 2019 The Merlion fountain and Esplanade theatre @ Aleksandr Simonov

Merlion is a half-lion, half-fish mythical creature which depicts the official mascot of Singapore. That being said, it makes sense that this park harboring the Merlion Statue is easily the most popular tourist attraction on the island.

The 70-tonne concrete figure has the head of the lion whose mouth is open and squirting water from its mouth. In a way, it is a unique fountain that most people love using as a photo-op. Hence, you will always find it bustling with people trying to get the perfect portrait.

Merlion Park is completely free of cost and harbors a large variety of cafes and restaurants where you can have a decent lunch over a cup of coffee a

Revisit History and Art at ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum in Singapore city at sunny day @ Ivan Kurmyshov

A visit to the ArtSciene Museum in Singapore is both entertaining and educational. If you are someone who enjoys learning about local history and wishes to appreciate the artwork of numerous local artists, you will have a lot of fun here.

On the bayside walkway of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, this gallery showcases ever-changing works from Van Gogh’s popular paintings to Harry Potter exhibitions to more sophisticated talents. Here you can marvel at the beautiful architecture and ask questions about the relationship between art and science.

Gamble At The Marina Bay Island Casino

Casino interior @ Vlada Z

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Marina Bay is the notorious casino located at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel. For the longest while, gambling was illegal in the city-state.

However, in 2010 when Marina Bay Sands was established, the casino came into existence and it was officially legalized to gamble in the premises of the hotel in order to boost Singapore tourism. To prevent gambling addiction, there is a hefty surcharge for Singaporean citizens who wish to play.

Here, you can bet your holiday savings or just stand on the sideline and enjoy the intense betting action going on. You can just play a small amount on the machines to enjoy or go big and throw your money away on poker and blackjack games.

Experience Theatrical Performances at Esplanade – Theatres

esplanade theatres on the bay @ simon gurney

Esplanade - Theatres on the bay is the arts and cultural hub of Singapore. The center comprises a concert hall where you can experience the true musical culture of the locals. Band performances take place occasionally and local folk music is also performed.

There is an outdoor performance area where you can have jamming sessions with people from all over the world. The outdoor events are free for the public and don’t need to be booked in advance. So if you are out on a stroll in the city at night, do consider hitting the theatres to experience the cultural aspect of Singapore.

A wide range of cultural displays is also put up in the multi-purpose hall where you can observe both local and international artists. Theatrical performances also take place.

Go Shopping At The Shoppes

Interior of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore @ monticellllo

In Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes are the shopping hub where you can find a plethora of both international brands and emerging local fashion designers who are in touch with the ongoing trends.

You will find all kinds of the runway and street-style clothing labels at this shopping mall. Here you will have access to popular luxury brands from all over the world.

Shopping is an essential part of traveling and Singapore is an excellent destination to spend your holiday savings on. The complex comprises about 800,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. Here you can have delicious cuisines from Marina Bay Sands restaurant and numerous cafes.

Cruising in The River Boat

Traditional tourist boats in Singapore @ Sergii Figurnyi

An iconic way for tourists to traverse Singapore is through its infamous riverboat cruise. The bumboats docked at the Singapore river are waiting for eager travelers to take a journey in. This classic Singapore experience brings together the historical and modern juxtaposition of the city’s evolution.

During the colonial era, the river cruise was an integral part of Singapore’s trade and commerce. If you go out in the river after late afternoon, you are likely to catch a glimpse of the sunset striking off of the beautiful river, illuminating the water.

If you go cruising after dusk, you will catch the nightlife of Singapore in all its glory - the twinkling lights of the buildings in the distance that looks like a sea of light.

Dine-In at Michelin Cuisine Restaurants

Din Tai Fung restaurant in Marina Bay Sands Mall. Michelin star awarded Din Tai Fung is ranked as one of the world's Top 10 Best Restaurants by The New York Time. SINGAPORE - APR 22, 2018. @ ltyuan

To top off your day of adventure and fun at the Marina Bay, enjoy a delectable dinner at one of the Michelin Cuisine Restaurants in Singapore.

Here you will experience culinary excellence at Marina Bay Sands's signature restaurants. You can eat anything from perfectly grilled steaks to exotic japanese food and fulfilling milkshakes.

There are a wide variety of restaurants around the area where you can taste both local and international cuisines. The vibrant spots near the waterfront add to the ambiance. Sip the premium wines they have to offer with a view of the sun setting against the skyscrapers in Singapore.

How To Get There

There is no way specific way to go to the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. You can pick any method you want at your own convenience and pleasure.

Rent a Car

Marina Bay Sands is located at 10 Bayfront Avenue. You can drive up to the area by renting a car and enjoying the drive to the gorgeous hotel. There are parking slots available by the hotel where you can park your car.


If you are a tourist who is looking for a pleasant ride without having to fumble around with Google Maps, you should hitch a ride with a taxi. Taxi drivers are usually familiar with the area since the place is a hotspot for vacationers and they can drop you off at whichever entrance you want.


If you decide to choose the train route, Marina Bay Sands is linked to CE1/DT16 Bayfront Station on the Circle Line and Downtown Line of Singapore’s MRT. It is Marina Bay Sands’s nearest MRT which is easy to go and forth from. There are two exits from this route. Exit A connects you to Bayfront Avenue street level and Gardens by the Bay, while exits C and D will lead you to the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

River Ferry

Singapore river offers ferry rides daily from the Bayfront South Jetty. The boats usually leave every 10 to 20 minutes starting from 7 in the morning.


Marina Bay Sands is the ideal vacation spot for anyone who enjoys experiencing the thrill of living in South-East Asia. The island is full of fun activities, cultural events, scenic views, and historical significance. Everyone can find something attractive about the city, whether you are a young adult or well into adulthood, there is a lot for you to see and do in Singapore.

Follow this guide to check off all the cool, must-visit attractions and enjoy the break to the fullest. Remember to follow the precautions mandated by the management and stay safe during these turbulent times!

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