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10 Interesting Facts About Singapore’s Culture, Traditions, & Activities


Sep 20, 2021 · 8 mins read

Singapore remains natural in its root identity that it’s a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and ethnicities that all live harmoniously together. It is a beautiful mosaic of various influences from nationalities of different backgrounds where one is influenced by the other. And despite Singapore’s tiny size, the cultures and traditions remain unchanged. Here are interesting facts about Singapore’s Culture, Traditions, & Activities.

10 Interesting Facts About Singapore’s Culture, Traditions, & Activities

  1. Have their own "Singlish" language
  2. Hawker Centers are everywhere
  3. Education is crucial in Singapore
  4. Really get fined by small things said on the sign
  5. Vibrant nightlife scene
  6. Get food around the world from here
  7. Discipline on queuing
  8. Various religions in Singapore
  9. Mix cultural festivals
  10. Diverse in Music & Arts

1) Have their own "Singlish" language

team of three asian business people meeting talking chatting relaxing in outdoor cafe @ imtmphoto | Adobe Stock

Singapore boasts four official languages – English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. As a former British colonial country, the English language is widely spoken and written in Singapore, as used in schools, work, or government. It is considered as the bridge and common language, or known as lingua franca in Singapore. But in reality, the spoken colloquial hybrid language of Singapore English is called “Singlish.”

Although Singlish has been part of Singapore's culture and identity, visitors are often baffled by how locals infuse together English with other words or grammar. This colloquial language even has an array of words and phrases that are also invented.

If you are wondering if Singlish is hard to learn, the short answer is YES. Singlish is not just one creole; it is a combination of many different Southeast Asian dialects. So, to learn Singlish, you have to have an idea about all the other combined languages at least!

2) Hawker Centers are everywhere

Portrait of a good looking Chinese Asian couple enjoying a snack at a hawker center during the weekend. They are smiling as they talk and enjoy sugarcane juice and fried bananas. @ Danon | Adobe Stock

Considered a massive part of the Singaporean culture, hawker centers are a specialty of Singapore where you can discover a wide variety of flavors in typically open-air communal dining seatings. In other words, hawker centers are a cross-over between a Western bar and a community place known to be busy and noisy, where people are eating, talking, and hanging out. Hawker centers are deeply rooted in Singapore’s unmatched street food heritage known to offer diverse local cuisines at affordable prices. This is why they are always packed and bursting with life all the time, day or night.

In search of the best place Singaporean hawker center to immerse yourself in Singapore’s culture and tradition? With a myriad of hawker centers from left to right, it is almost impossible to decide which one is the best. Ask any Singaporean, and they’ll probably give you different answers. But we recommend you check out Chinatown Complex, which is the home to the cheapest Michelin-starred soy sauce chicken rice, or noodles meal, and try it for only S$2.

3) Education is crucial in Singapore

asian elementary students in class @ imtmphoto | Adobe Stock

In the tiny city-state of Singapore, education is highlighted to be a valuable method for a citizen’s future. Singaporeans believe that education is the foundation of a country, so they hold this idea very highly. Parents often send their kids for extracurricular activities such as training classes and other group classes because they see success as something to prioritize, celebrate, and cherish. When the kids excel, they make it to the best schools and universities. It is a competitive environment, yes, but education is a huge part of Singapore's culture and tradition.

4) Really get fined by small things said on the sign

シンガポールの観光名所を旅行する風景 Scenes from a trip to Singapore's tourist attractions @ Hello UG | Adobe Stock

If you've ever been to Singapore, then you'd know how the culture is defined by peaceful harmony. The State’s cleanliness and quality of life will not be possible if there isn’t safety and order. Known to many as a “fine” city, Singapore is notorious for giving out fines. If you’re a tourist in Singapore, you can take note of the following offenses to avoid getting fined:

Whenever you travel to another state or country, always be aware of the rules and regulations to avoid getting in trouble. Although some restrictions are the same in most countries, it’s always better to do your own research to know other bizarre offenses. When traveling somewhere, always be on your best behavior and avoid getting into trouble. Please note that if you do get in trouble and don’t pay the fine in Singapore, a Warrant of Arrest will be issued against you.

5) Vibrant nightlife scene

Although it is in Singapore culture to work hard, it is also in their culture to party even harder! Here are some of the exciting activities to do at night and the best places to visit.

Holland Village

Holland Village @ Holland Village | visitsingapore.com

This neighborhood is full of bars, restaurants, shopping stores, and nightclubs, making it the perfect place for partying. Here you can catch unique gastronomies and drinks in bars like Wala Wala Café Bar, Harry’s, Tawandang Microbrewery, The White Rabbit, and Lucky Bar.


Geylang Serai Market @ Geylang Serai Market | visitsingapore.com

Geylang, known as Singapore’s notorious red-light district, is one of the most vibrant towns at night, making it the perfect place to go for nightlife. Eateries are lined up in the streets, market areas are pulsating, and nightclubs teem with life. The best nightlife spots are at Joo Chiat Street and Complex, Geylang Serai Market, Paramount Music Lounge, and Smoke and Mirrors.

Clarke Quay

aerial view of Clarke Quay in singapore at night @ Richie Chan | Adobe Stock

This bayside area is where you can find authentic Singapore culture and tradition. It’s one of the best places for nightlife since it’s full of restaurants, bars, pubs, and nightclubs. The best spots are Canvas Nightclub, The Quayside, The Elephant Bar, Shuffle Bistro Bar, and The Chupitos Bar.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Hotel Skypark Skygarden Skybar at Singapore - Spaceship @ Tomas

Another nightlife destination in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, is an energetic night of drinking and dancing. Here you can visit the largest nightclub in Singapore and enjoy one-of-a-kind sky-high parties. Party the night away at MARQUEE Singapore, CE LA VI Restaurant & Skybar, Avenue Lounge, Bread Street Kitchen, Dallas Café & Waterfront Bar, and Le Noir Nightclub.

There are so many other options to explore in Singapore’s nightlife from restaurants, bars, pubs to energetic nightclubs, there is a perfect place for everyone.

6) Get food around the world from here

Whole poached chickens with heads hanging at a Hainanese Chicken Rice hawker stall in Singapore @ SvetlanaSF | Adobe Stock

Singapore is known for its street food mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Indonesian dishes. With its ethnically diverse cuisines, visiting a hawker center will be tastefully gratifying. Here are the finest, must-try Singaporean foods:

7) Discipline on queuing

One thing that Singapore is known for is queuing. Singapore has a reputation for orderliness, strict enforcement, and rules, making queuing second nature to Singaporeans. It’s such a big thing in Singapore that it’s funnily known as their national hobby. In this modern and highly fast-paced city, locals are very patient in queueing.

8) Various religions in Singapore

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Singapore @ Salvador Manaois III | Adobe Stock

Singapore is a country of many beliefs because of all the mixture of nations harmoniously living together. The major religions are Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. While you explore, you’ll learn Singapore culture facts that the most fascinating and stunning buildings are of religious origins. If you are entering a worship place that’s open for public, please abide by their rules such as:

9) Mix cultural festivals

Jan 27/2019 New Bridge Road with Lunar New Year decoration theme during blue hour, Chinatown, Singapore @ Huntergol | Adobe Stock

With a great mix of Asian and European cultures, Singapore’s culture is undoubtedly massive. This city nation attracted immigrants from around the world; therefore, many of its festivals and events commemorate each other. Here are some of the most famous festivals in Singapore:

10) Diverse in Music & Arts

The music and arts in Singapore reflect the melting pot of culture and nationalities inspired to shape its identity. The culture of Singapore music derives deeply from Malay, Chinese, and Indian music styles. While Singapore arts embrace many aspects, it is a vibrant mixture of local works with renowned international artists. Of all the many cultures that make up Singapore’s society, the country developed an extensive art collection from paintings, sculptures, theater, dances, and music. What makes Singapore’s art culture different is that it’s a combination of European and Asian beauty.

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