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The 25 Best Museums in Singapore for 2023

The 25 Best Museums in Singapore for 2023


Sep 21, 2023 · 12 mins read

Experience the enchanting world of Singapore's top museums and transform your perception of museum visits. Explore the 15 best museums in Singapore, where history, culture, and innovation converge to offer a captivating journey. Discover unique souvenirs and immerse yourself in Singapore's rich heritage on your next trip.

Singapore Museum You Should Visit

  1. National Gallery Singapore
  2. Art Science Museum
  3. Red Dot Design Museum Singapore
  4. Museum of Ice Cream
  5. National Museum of Singapore
  6. Asia Civilisation Museum
  7. Science Centre Singapore
  8. Peranakan Museum
  9. Indian Heritage Center
  10. Singapore Art Museum
  11. Trick Eye Museum
  12. Fort Siloso
  13. Lee Kong Chian National History Museum
  14. Singapore Discovery Center
  15. Singapore City Gallery

Best Museums in Singapore

1) National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery Singapore occupying the former City Hall and Old Supreme Court Building
National Gallery Singapore occupying the former City Hall and Old Supreme Court Building | Adobe Stock

The National Gallery, located at City Hall and the former Supreme Court in Singapore's heartland captures two iconic buildings that have played a huge role in our history. The gallery covers 64,000 square meters and contains some of Asia Pacific’s best artwork. It houses over 8,000 works of Singapore’s national collection featuring art collections by leading artists in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world - including modern pieces from the 19th century up until today. You can check in engaging activities such as guided tours or artist talks that are offered on-site.

Address: Singapore 178957
Call: +6562717000
Website: National Gallery Singapore | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: Klook

2) Art Science Museum

ArtScience Museum
ArtScience Museum | Adobe Stock

Art Science Museum Singapore is a creative attraction that offers an interactive learning environment for all ages. It can be visited by the general public and families alike because it combines science with art in harmony to create something unique from other museums around the world.  The unconventional building, with 21 galleries and 1 large exhibition space, is built with many sustainable design tricks. The lotus-shaped roof can be used to collect rainwater for the building’s pumping system. The flower petal is channeled with natural light to illuminate the gallery space. You will also see the tours and workshops throughout the year for immersive museum experience in any generation.

Address: 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974
Call: +6566888888
Website: Art Science Museum | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: Klook

3) Red Dot Design Museum Singapore

Singapore - NOV, 20 2016 Red Dot Museum in Singapore, design museum for any kind of design and place travel for tourism international . It is located in Maxwell Road.
Singapore - NOV, 20 2016 Red Dot Museum in Singapore, design museum for any kind of design and place travel for tourism international . It is located in Maxwell Road | Adobe Stock

The Red Dot Museum is located in the beautiful Marina Bay area, with its all-glass façade and eye-catching geometric design. The museum has been named after a prestigious award that first originated in Germany. It is the world’s largest museum of contemporary design displaying a total of 2,000 Red Dot awarded works. More than walking through the gallery space, you can try sipping coffee at the Café Bar inside the museum. It served locally-brewed coffee, craft beer, and appetizer. Most importantly, the Café Bar is decorated with Red Dot award-winning furniture and stylish designs!

Address: 11 Marina Blvd, Singapore 018940
Call: +6565140111
Website: Red Dot Design Museum Singapore
Buy Tickets: Klook

4) Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream - Best Museums in Singapore
Museum of Ice Cream | facebook.com/museumoficecreamsg

The Museum of Ice Cream, or MOIC, is a popular museum that first opened in New York City, USA, in 2016 to be an 'Experium' space. It combines the words Experience and Museum, offering visitors a fun interactive stations where they can jump into an ice cream pond or pose for shots without feeling self-conscious. It differs from other museums in that can only view with your eyes and not with your hands.

Visitors can also try the unique ice cream tastes pulling out from each room's experience. It can be said that the Museum of Ice Cream is not just about the fun of meeting new things, taking photos at beautiful angles, and having fun with activities that adults and children can enjoy. You could also have ice cream that is sometimes blended with well-known brands. Undoubtedly, the Museum of Ice Cream is currently one of the best museums in Singapore you can visit.

Address: 100 Loewen Rd, Singapore 248837
Call: -
Website: Museum of Ice Cream | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: Klook

5) National Museum of Singapore

National Museum, Singapore
National Museum, Singapore | Adobe Stock

If you only have time, visit one place to learn about Singapore's history and culture. This place might be the answer. The National Museum of Singapore tells the fascinating story of Singapore in a fun and rewarding way.

Singapore was originally a small, less inhabited island. Entering the era when Singapore became a colony of the United Kingdom, the British came to develop the country's infrastructure till becoming the center of trade of the region. Until the end of the world war, Singapore began to gain independence from the West and declared itself independent in 1965 with "Lee Kuan Yew" as Prime Minister. He adopted the policy of promoting foreign investment and the development of domestic workers to become experts and upgrading leading to growth that neighboring countries can’t compare.

With all of these, you will enjoy your time with the enticing and amazing story of Singapore. There are also art exhibitions by various artists. Spending 3 - 4 hours is very worthwhile here.

Address: 93 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178897
Call: +6563323659
Website: National Museum of Singapore | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: Klook

6) Asia Civilisation Museum

Asian Civilisations Museum
Asian Civilisations Museum | Adobe Stock

Asian Civilizations Museum Civilizations Museum, (ACM), is an older building along the Singapore River. The exhibits show various aspects of the Asian civilization from ancient times to the present through, both permanent and rotating exhibits. This museum is built to represent the value of diversity in Asia. You will have fun discovering the origins of people from different ethnicities. There are also various activities that you can enjoy whether you come alone or with your family.

Address: 1 Empress Pl, Singapore 179555
Call: +6563327798
Website: Asia Civilisation Museum | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: Klook

7) Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore
Science Centre Singapore | science.edu.sg

Science Center Singapore has the largest collection of science education tools in the country. The main building, designed by Raymond Wu, is over 10 hectares in size and has been in use since December 1977. Raymond Woo, a famous Singaporean architect. It showcases more than a thousand interactive exhibitions. You will see the Earth from the surface to the center, explore a variety of plants in the Eco garden, and discover a lot more with a rewarding experience. This museum is a perfect place for those who love science. There are scheduled shows and demonstrations, so you'll never get bored!

Address: 15 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081
Call: +6564252500
Website: Science Centre Singapore
Buy Tickets: Klook

8) Peranakan Museum

Peranakan Museum
Peranakan Museum | nhb.gov.sg

The Peranakan museum was a Chinese School built in 1912, then devoted to preserving and displaying Nostalgic pieces from this unique culture. The ten permanent galleries are home to what some people say is the world's finest collection—jewellery, furniture & textiles- belonging specifically to one group called "Perananakans". You'll find daily schedules posted online, so time your visit accordingly if you wish to avoid crowds when possible!

Address: 39 Armenian St, Singapore 179941
Call: +6563327591
Website: Peranakan Museum | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: -

9) Indian Heritage Center

Indian Heritage Center @ Indian Heritage Center
Indian Heritage Center |indianheritage.gov.sg

The Indian Heritage Centre documents the history of the Indian and South Asian communities. It houses five permanent galleries, a museum shop, and programming that explores culture through film screenings or workshops to learn how people from India influenced Singapore's past up until today.

The ticket costs around S$8.00 per adult. You could also buy a family ticket of 5 people for S$24.00. Currently, it has a permanent exhibition of "Indians in Singapore - Past & Present" allowing everyone to dig into the heritage of Indians in Singapore. You will find that this depicts the historical links between the Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia, and the history of South Asians in Southeast Asia.

Address: 5 Campbell Ln, Singapore 209924
Call: +6562911601
Website: Indian Heritage Center | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: Klook

10) Singapore Art Museum

Singapore Art Museum
Singapore Art Museum | Sam singaporeartmuseum.sg

The Singapore Art Museum or SAM is a must-see for anyone interested in contemporary art by local and famous contemporary Asian artists. The museum's collection covers multiple disciplines, including painting and photography to video installation or sculpture from many international artists to be seen in one place!

This contemporary art museum is known for its art from Singapore, Southeast Asia, and Asia. The exhibition constantly changes making it worthy for all visitors to visit again and again. The ticket costs around S$10 per tourist adult and it's free for all Singapore citizens.

Address: 39 Keppel Rd, #01-02, Singapore 089065
Call: +6566979730
Website: Singapore Art Museum | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: -

11) Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum
Trick Eye Museum | trickeye.com

The Trick Eye Museum is all about fun and creativity about optical illusions. You'll find paintings on the walls, ceilings and ground that you can enter to become part of an artwork! All visitors are encouraged to step inside these installations for some creative fun with their own imagination in mind - this might not be just about taking photos but also creating memories worth remembering forever.

Address: 80 Siloso Road, Southside, Blk B, #01-04, Singapore 098969
Call: +6565920607
Website: Trick Eye Museum | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: Klook

12) Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso
Fort Siloso | Adobe Stock

Fort Siloso is Singapore's only coastal fort that served as part of the country's defences. The museum contains a treasure trove of WWII memorabilia, including original guns and cannons from days past; you can even climb inside for an up-close look. In addition, there are interactive video documentaries that show how restored gun battery Fort Silosow played such a vital role in our defence during World War II - so come see what happened here first-hand today before it becomes tomorrow's battlefield!

Address: Siloso Rd, Singapore 099981
Call: +6567368672
Website: Fort Siloso
Buy Tickets: -

13) Lee Kong Chian National History Museum

Lee Kong Chian National History Museum
Lee Kong Chian National History Museum | lkcnhm.nus.edu.sg

The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is a fantastic place to visit. Explore over 2000 years of Southeast Asian history as you see how plants, mammals and dinosaurs evolved from their origins here on earth! This historic building allows you to take a journey into what life was like during the age-old period when all organisms were just beginning for today’s diversity. It's definitly one of the best museums in singapore for any historical lover.

Address: 2 Conservatory Dr, Singapore 117377
Call: +6566013333
Website: Lee Kong Chian National History Museum | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: Klook

14) Singapore Discovery Center

Singapore Discovery Center - Best Museums in Singapore
Singapore Discovery Center | sdc.com.sg

The Singapore Discovery Centre is an excellent place to learn more about Singapore's history and future. It is described as an art gallery and science museum that can also be used as an outdoor play area. The center is a great place to spend a half-day with younger children. Many interactive and intuitive displays will keep them busy, as well as enough for adults. The packages start at $10 for adults and $6 for children. This includes a bus tour of the Singapore Military Institute, a 3D movie, and admission to the center.

Address: 510 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638365
Call: +6567926188
Website: Singapore Discovery Center | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: Klook

15) Singapore City Gallery

Singapore City Gallery
Singapore City Gallery | visitsingapore.com

Ever wondered how the Singapore government developed their city over 50 years to become one of the most liveable cities in Asia? At the Singapore City Gallery, you'll find out. They have an informative exhibition on urban development and rapid physical transformation for their amazing city! One highlight of the museum is a massive architectural model that gives you an overhead view of the city centre. It comes alive with light and sound shows, giving visitors insights into Singapore's conservation efforts. There are also other interactive activities for those who want more than just sightseeing- they can get their hands on planning duties as well.

Address: 45 Maxwell Road The URA Centre, Singapore 069118
Call: +6562216666
Website: Singapore City Gallery
Buy Tickets: -

16) Singapore Musical Box Museum

Singapore Musical Box Museum - Best Museums in Singapore
Singapore Musical Box Museum | Google Map

Musical boxes were an essential icon of European culture in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. According to historical records, Singapore played an important role in the advancement and development of musical boxes in Southeast Asia at that time period.

In this, Singapore's first musical box museum, you will explore the historical backdrop of musical boxes, from their ascent to their decline to their arrival in Singapore in the nineteenth century. From the first collaborative musical box between Britain and Singapore to 40 antique musical boxes. It will be used for academic research, education, and, most importantly, the preservation of such relics in Singapore for future generations.

Address: 168 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068619
Call: +6598646021
Website: Singapore Musical Box Museum | Facebook
Buy Tickets: Klook

17) Vintage Cameras Museum

Vintage Cameras Museum - Best Museums in Singapore
Vintage Cameras Museum | Google Map

Explore the Vintage Camera Museum's large collection of cameras. This enthralling collection includes authentic copies of the world's largest and most enormous cameras, cutting-edge 11-gram wonders, stealth espionage cameras, and treasured private collections going back to the 1800s. You will also explore the origins of this revolutionary art form from the pioneering work of Lumiere, who made early advances in photography. The world's first image was recreated as evidence of Lumiere's accomplishments.

The highlight is that the building is made into a vintage camera. The entrance is right in front of the lens so you can take some cool photos. Highly suggested for fans of antique cameras to urchase a ticket to enter. You can view more than 1,000 vintage cameras and historic images inside the Vintage Camera Museum, which also showcases the development of cameras from the dawn of time to the present.

Address: 8C Jln Kledek, Singapore 199263
Call: +6562912278
Website: Vintage Cameras Museum | Facebook
Buy Tickets: -

18) Mint Museum of Toy

Mint Museum of Toy - Best Museums in Singapore
Mint Museum of Toy | Google Map

More than 50,000 vintage toys, some of which date back more than 100 years, as well as childhood artifacts from more than 40 nations. Mint Museum of Toys is known to have the largest collection of toys compared to other toy museums in Asia. These definitely include some of the most upcoming toys this year.

Popular toys on display include Ultraman Japan 1990's, Batman robot suits, Space Walk Man, and more. Displays may change according to the season. After your visit, don't forget to buy your favorite toys. Mint Museum of Toys is one of the best museums in Singapore for those who love toys.

Address: 26 Seah St, Singapore 188382
Call: +6563390660
Website: Mint Museum of Toy | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: Klook

19) Children's Museum Singapore

Children's Museum Singapore - Best Museums in Singapore
Children's Museum Singapore | Google Map

The Children's Museum Singapore is dedicated to children aged 12 and under and is exclusively developed for our little ones. There are a range of interactive exhibits and activities that will pique the interest and imagination of children of all ages. Children's Museum Singapore will amaze youngsters with an eye-opening encounter with Singapore's heritage and culture, as well as discoveries about themselves and the world around them, thanks to its multimedia exhibitions, artifacts, and more.

Inside, you can expect to see the zones of Imagine A Garden, Happy Birthday!, Play Pod, and other zones depending on the season. This museum is fun and interactive while still being educational, making it the greatest kid museum in Singapore for any child.

Address: 23-B Coleman St, Singapore 179807
Call: +6563373888
Website: Children's Museum Singapore
Buy Tickets: -

20) Changi Chapel and Museum

Changi Chapel and Museum - Best Museums in Singapore
Changi Chapel and Museum | Google Map

The Changi Museum is a museum dedicated to Singapore's Second World War history. The Museum urges future generations to visit and enhance their knowledge of the courageous and inspirational stories that unfolded in Changi during the war by honouring the passion and devotion of individuals who rose from the depths of hardship.

The show is divided into five sections: storyboards, Changi jail, Changi murals, wartime artists, and the conclusion of the conflict. Get your ticket online prior to your visit. There is also a free guide to help you get the most out of this Singapore Museum.

Address: 1000 Upper Changi Rd N, Singapore 507707
Call: +6562426033
Website: Changi Chapel and Museum | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: -

21) Tortoise Museum

Tortoise Museum - Best Museums in Singapore
Tortoise Museum | Google Map

The Tortoise Museum is dedicated entirely to tortoises. The beauty of unique tortoises walking freely across the park will take your breath away. Some of them can be petted and fed by hand. There is the riddle of the river turtle, as the ancient tale goes. Visitors claim that seeing and experiencing the spirit of the Sulcate Tortoise is good for luck, while seeing and feeling the spirit of the Malaysian Giant River Turtle is good for wishes.

The museum accepts donations to feed the tortoises. Before entering, you must purchase a $10 - $14 ticket. Except for the public holiday or Children's Day, Tuesday will be closed.

Address: 81 Lor Chencharu, #01-16, ORTO 769198
Call: -
Website: Tortoise Museum | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: Klook

22) Air Force Museum

Air Force Museum - Best Museums in Singapore
Air Force Museum | Google Map

Situated in the Paya Lebar Air Base, Air Force Museum offers a fascinating journey through the history of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). The museum gathers collections of historic planes, interactive exhibits, and realistic simulators. It shows the history of the RSAF, from famous F-16 fighter jets to vintage Alouette III helicopters as if you slipped in in the Maverick movie.

The highlight lies in the gallery both the indoor gallery and outdoor gallery. You'll learn about the RSAF's history and mission through a series of interactive displays and role-playing activities. On the exterior, you'll get up close and personal with genuine fighter jets, missiles, and anti-aircraft weapons, learning about their histories and contributions to the RSAF's expansion.

Address: 400 Airport Rd, Singapore 534234
Call: +6564618507
Website: Air Force Museum
Buy Tickets: -

23) The Gem Museum

The Gem Museum - Best Museums in Singapore
The Gem Museum | Google Map

Discover a diverse collection of gemstones, rocks, and minerals from across the world. The Gem Museum was established as Singapore's first and most comprehensive private gemology museum. You can follow the museum path once inside. It is designed to demonstrate how gemstones are changed from mine to market in four steps, from mining to trade. This museum is a beautiful showroom that enhances the learning experience. There is also a store where you can purchase your favourite gem to take home with you. The admission is free of charge. This museum, however, is closed on holidays.

Address: 9 Perak Rd, Singapore 208130
Call: +6567343172
Website: The Gem Museum | Facebook | Instagram
Buy Tickets: -

24) Singapore Mobility Gallery

Singapore Mobility Gallery - Best Museums in Singapore
Singapore Mobility Gallery | Google Map

The SG Mobility Gallery gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at how the land transport authority develops, designs, and constructs. You will play the role of transportation planner to develop a balanced system of efficiency, liveability, and inclusivity while using cutting-edge technology for better urban mobility. You can also try it with AR and VR.

Inside, there are many zones suitable for both kids and adults. The zones such as connected town of tomorrow and future mobility give you a glimpse of an efficient system for the future. If you are interested in mobility systems, this museum is one of the best museums in Singapore for you.

Address: 1 Hampshire Rd, Block 1 Level 1, Singapore 219428
Call: +6518002255582
Website: Singapore Mobility Gallery
Buy Tickets: -

25) Singapore Sports Museum

Singapore Sports Museum - Best Museums in Singapore
Singapore Sports Museum | Google Map

With Singapore's first sporting museum, you can immerse yourself in sports history. There are many interactive exhibitions conveying the fascinating stories of Singapore’s sporting legends. Not only that, the Singapore Sports Museum also collects a unique collection of rare artifacts and souvenirs. The ticket is free for local residents and around S$10 for adults. It's perfect for everyone who falls in love with sports.

Address: 6 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397698
Call: +6566538900
Website: Singapore Sports Museum
Buy Tickets: -

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